OverlandCare Bronze - Extended service agreement (uplift) - advance parts replacement - 1 year - shipment - response time: 2 business days - for NEOs T48

Manufacturer Tandberg Data
Manufacturer# EW-48BRZ1UP
Distributor Product ID B411559
Taged as New
Delivery date unknown
CHF 800.20
CHF 742.99 excl.
Assuring the availability of your Overland Storage solution is a critical part of your overall protected data storage strategy. Overland has made selecting and obtaining the proper level of support for the entire life of your product easy and affordable. While the standard Overland support programs are designed to provide the services that most of the customers require, it is clear that your needs may be different and have created a selection of service enhancements to augment whatever level of Overland support you have chosen.

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