Cisco - Expansion module - for ONS 15454 SDH

Manufacturer Cisco
Manufacturer# 15454E-AP-MIC48V=
Distributor Product ID 677A018
Taged as New
Delivery date unknown
CHF 414.60
CHF 384.96 excl.
The MIC-A/P card provides connection for one of the two possible redundant power supply inputs. It also provides connection for eight alarm outputs (coming from the TCC-I card) and for sixteen alarm inputs and four configurable alarm inputs/outputs. Its position is in slot 23 in the center of the ONS 15454 SDH subrack EFCA area. MIC-A/P cards have electrical plugs that plug into electrical connectors on the shelf assembly backplane. When the ejectors are fully closed and the mounting screws are tightened, the card plugs into the shelf assembly backplane.

Date added: 2020-01-22 09:00:14 / SID: 3454701 / DID: 677A018