Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise CAL - Buy-out fee - 1 device CAL - academic, Enterprise - Open Value Subscription - Level F - without services - Win - All Languages

Manufacturer Microsoft
Manufacturer# PGI-00853
Distributor Product ID 803DFB2
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Delivery date unknown
CHF 10.10
CHF 9.38 excl.
Exchange Server 2019 uses available processor cores, memory and storage more effectively than ever before, as well as more intelligently managing internal system resources to help improve end-user performance. Exchange Server 2019 is more secure than any previous version out of the box, ensuring only the newest ciphers and hashing algorithms are used to protect your data. Exchange Server 2019 makes administration easier for common tasks such as calendar and delegate management. MICROSOFT OPEN VALUE SUBSCRIPTION OPTION With the Subscription option, you pay a single price per desktop (five desktop minimum) to deploy Microsoft technology as the standard across your organization, just as with the Company-wide option. However, the Subscription option provides you with rights to run the software only during the term of the agreement with Microsoft (nonperpetual).

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