Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints Light - (v. 10.x) - maintenance (renewal) (28 months) - 1 user - volume, GOV - 26-50 licences - English

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The enterprise threat landscape has dramatically changed with the proliferation of a new generation of content security threats. Today's cyber attacks harvest sensitive corporate data and expose companies to the risk of losing revenue, employee productivity, customer relationships, and market reputation. As the headlines prove, targeted threats are hitting companies faster and in larger quantities than they ever have before. This white paper reviews the content security threat landscape and how it has evolved into a more dangerous environment, increasing the risks and costs for enterprises. This paper discusses how conventional content security approaches are inadequate at defending against today's threats and how a new paradigm is needed to provide sufficient protection. Enterprises need a solution that identifies risks immediately and creates better protection. At the same time, they need a solution that reduces the complexity in acquiring, deploying, and managing security. Trend Micro Enterprise Security is a tightly integrated offering of content security products, services, and solutions for enterprises concerned about staying ahead of content security threats. At the core of these products and services is the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, a newly introduced cloud-client architecture designed to provide fast protection with minimal network resources. Trend Micro Enterprise Security powered by Smart Protection Network provides immediate protection with less complexity, offering lower business risks and costs to enterprises.

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